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UTSAV 2017- Inter School Festival

Rocksport Adventure Challenge 2015. Winners!!!

Delhi Times : 21.01.2015,Page 3

Earth Day

REPORT FOR HT PACE AND NIE 2014 : Earth Day Celebrations

Nature has enough to satisfy man's needs but not to satisfy his greed.

– Mahatma Gandhi.

Human beings have always believed that nature had an inexhaustible capacity to provide for their needs. Even if the rains failed to come on time or there was a drought, good times would soon be back. Now, in less than a generation, we have had to adjust to an entirely different reality. Most scientists and even political leaders are rapidly coming around the view that our greed may have pushed the environment to the brink of disaster. Preventing this looming disaster will require new attitudes and personal participation by all of us. At Manava Bharati, we believe that all of us must be aware about the need to conserve the environmental. We also believe that schools have an important part to play in creating this awareness.