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Dear Parents,

Greetings and good wishes to all!

“Learning through environment is the keynote of a sound system of education.”

We at Manava Bharati have dedicated ourselves to caring for and educating young minds towards a bright future as tomorrow's responsible adults. We strive to provide exceptional opportunities for the development of the human mind and body, and through them the evolution of the spirit, thereby constructively chanellising the resources of a young inquisitive mind.

In order to realise this mission the school creates an environment in which each student can acquire an intellectual grasp of the world's complexities while at the same time develop the skills, confidence and adaptability necessary to participate effectively in develop the skills, confidence and adaptability necessary to participate effectively in society. A streamline innovative school curriculum, average class size, close student-teacher relationships, experimental learning and an extensive extra-circular programme characterise the uniqueness of Manava Bharati and its philosophy. This balance of structure and flexibility allows students to define themselves and grow into sensitive thinking youngsters.

We hope you will found useful information and will get a glimpse of the life at our institution. We have a rich and glorious history at Manava Bharati and we are proud of it. But the best advertisements of our school are our pupils. By visiting us and talking with the students and staff here, you can judge whether this would be the right place for your child's education.

We know how vital this choice is and how great your investment is in terms of trust and money. Our aim at Manava Bharati is to nurture each individual student and the hard working enthusiast holds equal place with the brightest scholar. This is a fine and successful school as well as a happy community and we look forward to welcoming your child at our institution and assist you as you make this important decision.

Bharati Pandey Principal

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