The School

The word ‘Manava’ literally means, ‘a being with a mind’ from the Sanskrit word ‘Manas’. It refers to a ‘thinking mind’ capable of making it’s own decisions. Education is nothing but the training, discipline and direction of this mind towards health, prosperity, growth and peace. A son of the soil of this land of Bharat would be Bharati. The Message of MANAVA BHARATI therefore, is to make every student a ‘Bharatiya’, a harbinger of happiness to humanity at large.

O Child !

The spirit of Innocence, love incarnate

Thou art messenger of peace and harbinger of harmony,

In thee I see the glory of His

Who made the life and is the life

Thy very existence is the sure sign

That the lord of life has not forgotten

The Earth of ours, bequeathed to man

With all its grandeur bounty and beauty

Though greed, jealous, fear and selfishness

Have filled the earth with tears and agonies.

But the day is not far when Man shall realise

The purpose of Life, the power of love

The need of harmony in words and deeds

These and all such these would be part of life

When the power and potentialities enshrined in thee

Are felt and adorned with faith and dignity



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