Middle School ( Classes V-VIII)

The Middle School program is designed to nurture the intellectual, ethical, social, emotional and physical development of youngsters during their transition from childhood into adolescence. Manava Bharati offers ample opportunities for the latent faculties of children to develop in harmony and in tune with their own potential. We believe that this is important for all-round development. Our School Curriculum grows out of a continuous striving to understand children, their talents and their requirements at each stage of life.

We are committed to providing an educational environment that challenges and inspires each child to achieve his or her true potential. A balanced and creative curriculum meets individual and common needs. Our endeavour is to ensure that each student is encouraged to learn, to feel empowered, to build confidence and self-esteem, to discover individual strengths and needs and to achieve success.
From Class V to Class VIII, the curriculum as well as a variety of co-curricular activities continue to encourage creativity and a desire to learn. All students study English, Hindi, Mathematics, Science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology), Social Studies (History, Civics and Geography) and a third language, Sanskrit/French. Co-curricular activities include Socially Useful & Productive Work (Art, Music, Dance, Science Club, Eco Club, and Literary Club), Physical and Health Education besides Computer Education.

Towards the end of Middle School, students start understanding their talents as well as strengths and can begin selecting subjects for their senior years at school.


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