Loveneet Ahluwalia

Loveneet Ahluwalia is continuing the Manava Bharati tradition of excellence at squash.  He is the Captain at Delhi Squash Team for the year 2017-2018 and secured a Bronze medal position in School National Games held in Chennai January 21st to 24th 2017.

He has been awarded the prestigious scholarship of twenty thousand from Delhi Sports Authority and is currently seeded No. 1 in Delhi State and No. 18 under 19 category in India.

Loveneet was also a part of Team Manava Bharati which won the first runners-up prize at the Great Rocksport Challenge 2017.  Loveneet will appear in the Class XII CBSE Examination (2017). The entire Manava Bharati family wishes him all the best in the examination and all his future endeavours.

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