Pratushya & Shrawasti

DIFFERENT STREAMS ONE GOAL......In many dance studios across the globe it is very common to see  students who are in their teens and pre teens working hard to reach their and their parents' dreams. For some of them it is their passion, for some of them it is a tradition and for some of them they are trying make their parents' dreams come true.. Shrawasti Lavanya and Pratushya Lakshana  are in Grade XII who are good scholars and excellent traditional Bharat Natayam Dancers . Their childhood dream was to learn Classical dance .Among the two of the  young dancers ,one  has a penchant for Mathematics and Science and the other one has a flair for Languages .They  always have had top grades. But the scholarly Shrawasti and Pratushya have  harbored a dream in their hearts to dance.Both of them have been participating in various stage performances  since their childhood . They are graceful,  perfect, and flexible . An important component of their training is the rigorous training from their mentor.  They not only participate  in school’s Annual Day concert  but perform on many special occasions before the august gathering

When they were questioned ….

How do you manage learning dance when you have many other priorities and demands for your forthcoming Class XII CBSE Board Examinations?

When there is desire and heart, there is a will and there is a time to manage. ….

was the reply from them..

Best wishes to  Shrawasti and Pratushya for their Board Examination!!!

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