Biology is the study of life and the lab is the place to prepare for a lifetime of study. At Manva Bharati India International School, we offer Biology from Classes VI to XII. The Biology Lab does much to ensure that the study of Biology at every step is practical, clear, enjoyable and interesting. We combine our vast collection of specimens and slides with fast- paced developments in life science, adding further value through the experience of our teachers. Consistently amongst the top performing departments at the school, Biology at Manava Bharati School is an experience accessible to every student.

Chemistry Laboratory

The Department of Chemistry is fully equipped to meet the requirements of our students. The lab allows the students to conduct experiments and gain hands-on experience of Chemistry at work. White lab coats help to create an appropriate atmosphere for performing interesting experiments with acids and bases.

Physics Laboratory

The Physics lab is the place where electricity, force and light, all come to life. Physics is an important tool for bringing the mysteries of the universe into sharper focus. The breath-taking advances in communications and information technology all rely on the study of Physics. The Department is equipped with the latest teaching aids so that students can ‘learn through experimentation.’  This not only helps students grasp the principles of Physics better but also makes classes more enjoyable. The department is proud of the performance of its students at the Board examination.

Computer Laboratory

Computers best cast their spell when users have hands-on experience. The computer lab is the best place to promote computer awareness along with practical knowledge of computer science and computer applications. The Department provides an outstanding hands–on environment in which students can refine their practical skills. Two fully functional Computer labs cater for the specific needs of Juniors and Seniors. The Computer labs are supported by high-speed (broadband) Internet and email facilities. The entire school campus is Wi-Fi enabled.

Computer Laboratory(Seniors):

Computer Laboratory(Juniors):

Mathematics laboratory:

The essence of mathematics is not to make simple things complicated, but to make complicated things simple! The department has an experienced faculty dedicated to revealing the hidden order of the cosmos, balance, harmony, logic, and abstract beauty. The functional Maths lab is the place for students to give concrete shape to the abstract concepts of Mathematics. We are optimistic about their efforts to turn Maths into a ‘cool’ subject.


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