In these exploratory years, the learning process at Uditayan has been designed in such a way that the entire experience is one of happiness & joy. Here, the approach to education is holistic & stress is laid to inculcate in your children the eagerness to learn & develop an independent thinking and an enquiring mind. Music, song, dance, art, craft - work, games etc form an important aspect of the learning-by-doing methodology at this centre. We offer a broad curriculum covering a wide range of subjects and skills so that by the time they graduate to the primary level they will have begun to identify individual areas of talent. Our broad curriculum gives them the opportunity to explore a wide range of subjects and skills.

Our aim is to nurture the children's desire to learn, experiment, play and to gain independence. The curriculum is designed to foster the emotional, physical, social, intellectual and creative development of each child.

The curriculum allows children to learn freely and to choose their own pursuits within clearly defined limits. They are encouraged to use all the materials available: pencils, crayon, paint, dough, clay, sand, water and even computers; story and poetry books from the Library Corner, and other toys that encourage motor co-ordination and concentration skills.